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This Acid Attack Victim Need Your Help! Will You??

This Acid Attack Victim Need Your Help! Will You??

The story was brought to light a few days ago by Kamna Ashok Kumar who visited Connaught Place (CP) in Delhi who shared it with everyone via a facebook post. She saw a girl Ritu who was sitting outside of a shoe store in B block of CP. After being asked by Kamna, Ritu told her that her husband passed away many years ago and someone who wanted to take advantage of her attached her with acid after her denial. After hearing her story, Kamna decided to help the lady by asking help from people over facebook!

Ria Sharma, the founder of MLNS and Tania Singh, went to see Ritu followed by this. She was suffering from leprosy and was mentally unsound. Ria decided to take her to the hospital but Ritu denied, saying that she wants to be internally healed. While Ria knew due to her mental condition she was speaking senseless thing. The ones who wants to help her should focus on her health and happiness.

She is getting constant support from the stranger while no one from the government is helping her.

She needs your help too...

acid attack victim, Ritu