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HIV AIDS Took The Lives Of These Famous People

HIV AIDS Took The Lives Of These Famous People

Unsecured sexual relationships increase the risk of HIV AIDS. This is a murderous disease who has already killed many people. In this connection, we are going to tell you about some such Famous people today who have died due to AIDS.

one such name is the 80's South Indian film industry's popular actress Nisha Noor, who had died due to AIDS. She was pushed into prostitution by a producer. After which she was away from the film world. She was admitted to a hospital in a very bad condition.

At that time there were insects and ants on their body. After going to the hospital, it was found that she had AIDS and he died in 2007.

Pedro Pablo Zamora

There was a time when homosexuality was crime in America. At that time Pablo spoke openly about his being gay. He and his gay partner Sean Sasser were suffering from AIDS. He died on November 11, 1994. Shortly after this, his gay partner was also killed.

Jiya Sarangi

At one time, the world's top model, Jiya Sarangi, died due to AIDS, at the age of 26. Before the death, she was badly hit by drugs.

Arthur Ashe

The famous American tennis player Arthur also suffered from AIDS. He was the player who led the team in the US Davis Cup. Prior to the 1993 death, he made a lot of awareness about AIDS.


He was part of the popular band B52 and was HIV positive which led him to the death in 1985.