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4 World Famous Lip-Smacking Sandwiches That Make Your Morning More Delicious!!!

4 World Famous Lip-Smacking Sandwiches That Make Your Morning More Delicious!!!

What you had in your breakfast? The most common answer would Be Sandwiches. We can not deny this fact that the sandwich is a universally-loved breakfast item and snack around the world.

Now, Pepole starts liking international variations of sandwiches. Today we will tell you myriad types of  lip smacking sandwitches around the word



Chip Butty

This one truely belongs to the junk-food lovers. This English sandwich consists of hot fries placed inside a bread roll, doused with ketchup or brown sauce.  

Vada Pao

 I think most of us aware vith vada pav. This is Mumbai's most popular street snack consists simply of a potato patty, or batata vada, placed inside a pao (a kind of bun). The batata vada is dipped in besan or gram flour, fried and usually served with onions, chillies and a smearing of coriander chutney for added zing. This dish refeclt the mod of Mumbai .It truly epitomises the city's fast-paced way of life.


 Let me introduce you some French sandwitch Croque Monsieur.  The origins of this comforting grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich lie in French cafes and bars. It is typically made with Emmental or Gruyere cheese and thin slices of ham. You can also add egg in this sandwitch.


Now welcome to Mexico. Mexican street food is very popular all over the world. Cemita is a Mexican sandwitch made up of a sesame-encrusted bread roll stuffed with fried beef, fresh avocado, cheese and pickled onion. While it originated in the Mexican state of Puebla, it is now extremely popular in several parts of the US.