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4 Most high-priced dishes served in india

4 Most high-priced dishes served in India

Having dinner in hotels is a fashion now days.  Everyone loves to go for outing and eating outside according to their budget.  As we all know that india is blessed many Varity of foods with various food joints from high end to street food stalls. You might have experienced everything, right from street food to food truck delicacies, but have you ever thought about relishing the most expensive dishes served in India? If not, then here is your ultimate guide to 4 such places that serve the most expensive dishes pan India and are worth a try.

Gold plated dosa - Rajbhog, Bengaluru

How about having a gold plated dosa? This might sound fancy to you, but Rajbhog, Bengaluru serves this ‘sone ka dosa’ with 24K golden vark served on a silver platter and this might cost you around Rs 1100 per plate.

Pizza - Qube, The Leela Palace, Delhi

Served with Grey Goose vodka, this pizza with most expensive lobster topping is served for Rs 10,000 and the chef himself gets the pizza to your table. Now, this is worth an experience for all the foodies out there!

Sushi at Wasabi by Morimoto - The Taj Mahal Hotel India

Will you pay an exorbitant amount for a plate of sushi? If yes, then you must visit Taj Mahal hotel that serves one plate of sushi for a whopping Rs 8,725.

Butter Chicken - Anaarkali, Hyderabad

This tempting chicken dish uses expensive spring water and is served in a borosil container. A container of the dish that might cost you approx Rs 6000 took 8 years to reach the perfection it is served with.