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5 Important Facts About Air-Hostess Will Surprise You

5 Important Facts About Air-Hostess Will Surprise You

Being an Air Hostess is quite glamorous profession. Airlines provide beautiful air hostess to take care of passengers during the flight. These air hostess are not less than any beautiful actress. In this connection, we are going to tell you some specific things related to the profession of air hostess which might surprise you.

1. You might be surprised to know that the Air hostess specializes in delivering safe delivery of pregnant women. They are taught all this while training.

2. It is very important for air hostess to maintain their figure. There are clear instructions from airlines that they can not gain weight in any case. In this case, the company gives the air hostess a month's time to lose weight otherwise they will be fired.

3. Prior to the flight, some questions related to Safety and Emergency are asked by the senior crew member from the air hostess. The air hostess is allowed to go in the flight only when the correct answer is given.

4. During the training of the air hostess​, it is also taught to make a house in forests and desert and to arrange for meals. So that she could save her life and others if needed.