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A Proud Moment for Every Indian: Gandhi museum opens in Durban, South Africa

A Proud Moment for Every Indian: Gandhi museum opens in Durban, South Africa

Gandhi and South Africa have very strong and old connection.  Gandhi ji arrived in Durban, Natal (now kwaZulu-Natal) in 1893 to serve as legal counsel to a merchant Dada Abdulla.During the stay in South Africa many major incident happen with Gandhi ji which eventually left lot of impact on Gandhi life. These incidents lead Gandhi to develop the concept of Satyagraha. He united the Indians from different communities, languages and religions, who had settled in South Africa.   

Gandhi Museum in Durban

Let me tell you that all the memories related to the ‘Father of modern India’ are now officially put on display at a newly-opened Gandhi museum in Durban, a city in eastern South Africa’s Kwazulu-Natal province. The museum was recently launched by General V K Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs.The best things about the museum are that it stands on the piece of land that was once possessed by Mahatma Gandhi himself in 1897. He would hold public meetings at the time when the Natal Indian Congress put up a strong resistance against the racist laws made for Indians in South Africa. The museum showcases the life and global impact of Gandhi via the original artefacts owned by him.

A Must Visit Place in Durban for Every Indian

Indian tourists and politicians visiting Durban have been religiously making a stopover at the Phoenix Settlement, the site where Mahatma Gandhi lived during his stay in the city. Since decades, the coastal town of Durban has maintained fond ties with India, and houses the maximum number of Indian migrants of all the foreign nations

Some Tourist Attraction

Durban is also home to several swanky shopping spaces, craft shops and street markets, thereby, playing a pleasant host to shoppers around the world. There are many other attractions in the city such as the Big Rush Big Swing, Golden Mile and Moses Mabhida Stadium that offer highly gratifying experience to the tourists.

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