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Make Your Winter Holiday Unforgettable Visit the Heritage Hub of India: Rajasthan

Make Your Winter Holiday Unforgettable Visit the Heritage Hub of India: Rajasthan

Undoubtedly Rajasthan is the place where royalty culture and heritage comes together. The fair and festivals of this place have often made it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. Many globe trotters from india and around the globe come to Rajesthan to witness these fair and festivals. After all, these are the best forms of expressions of the colourful cultural heritage that has passed on through the generations of this state. The folk music, dance, attire and everything else witnessed in these famous cultural festivals of Rajasthan are something that a traveller can cherish for lifetime. As winter is around the corner, the weather in Rajasthan gets perfect for the peak tourist season, while the state also gets ready to host its many festivals. 

Pushkar Camel Festival

One of the most popular festivals of Rajasthan, the traditional Pushkar Camel Festival has been known to attract travellers and photographers alike for years. It is essentially the state’s official livestock fair which sees the coming together of at least 30,000 camels that are beautifully decorated and paraded and even made to participate in beauty contests.

Kolayat Fair

The Kolayat Fair has local religious sentiments attached to it and is fair that the local population looks forward to every year. The fair sees congregation of devotees who attend the festival to take a dip in the Kolayat Lake, after which the festival is named.

Bundi Utsav

Actually Bundi is the most colourful towns of Rajasthan, this annual festival makes this place smeared in the most beautiful colours and there’s a sense of happiness all around. Some of the biggest highlights of the much-anticipated Bundi Utsav are the arts and crafts fair, the Shobha Yatra, folk dance and music, turban competition, cultural exhibition and traditional Rajasthani sports among other things.

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