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Adorable Animal Finger Rings for Animal Lovers.

Adorable Animal Finger Rings for Animal Lovers.

These three pieces of rings made by a Bangkok-based artist, Mary Lou are those lovely animal accessories that anyone would love to spot, especially animal lovers. These three ring pieces can be worn separately as well as to create a single alluring ring.  Made from brass and coated with enamel every ring is a piece of handmade art, especially from Thailand.

Well, if we dig a little bit inside the history of rings and their trends then, the trend of exchanging rings is going on since 6000 years. In western culture, an engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the hand and is transferred to another hand after marriage. Rings are usually a symbol of love and often exchanged between the couples during their wedding, but wait, that doesn't make them a thing only to be worn by then. Rings are a huge part of fashion accessories too! A mere ring can add a lot of glamor and style to the whole look thus we say pair up a ring to every attire you choose! Well, there must be a lot of feminine and glittery rings which you much have seen but for a change we have world's most adorable rings enlisted here...

Especially for animal lovers there cannot be a better ring match than this, now they can wear their favorite animals on their fingers
Have a look on some of those adorable, attractive, finger rings below...

Squirrel shaped ring

1. Squirrel Ring

Crane shaped ring

2. Crane Ring

Raccoon shaped ring

3. Raccoon Ring

Deer shaped ring

4. Deer Ring