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Infant Born with Organs Outside her Body goes Under Life-Saving Surgery

Infant Born with Organs Outside her Body goes Under Life-Saving Surgery

A baby girl from North Carolina was shockingly born with organs outside her body. Due to her life-threatening condition, the baby went through two life-saving surgeries within the eight days of her birth to fix her internal organs that were growing outside her skin.

According to the ultrasound report babies stomach, bowels, fallopian tubes, and ovaries were outside of her body. Mary the mother of the newborn baby Elliotte said “Before I even had a chance to hold her, she was whisked for surgery,”

Baby just after her birth

Post baby Elliotte was born doctor quickly warped her in a plastic bag, so that her organs could not be exposed to air and then rushed her to operation theater to go on with surgery. This was the first surgery of Elliotte in which her organs were kept inside her belly bag and then after eight days doctors close up the hole in her abdomen, and only then could Mary(babies mother ) and her husband, William(babies father) hold their baby.

Mary adds “Then, finally, I got to hold her,” “It was an awesome moment. Completely wonderful.

Baby after her surgiry

Now after 63 days of hospitalization, Elliotte is fine and ready to go home, as per the doctors. Mary adds “She’s my miracle,” 

Baby going home with her mom and dad

This story proves “where there is hope, there is life” Finally, the new born baby's both the surgeries were successful and she is ready to embrace a happy life!