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Before Bigg Boss Kickstart, Know Few Saussy Details Of The House

Before Bigg Boss Kickstart, Know Few Saussy Details Of The House

Just a few days left to start the biggest controversial show Big Boss. Salman Khan's promising entry in a launching event has increased the interest of the people about the show.

So, what would be special this time, know here.

#This time the control plan has also been made on Contestants. Actually, because of the antics of some participants, there was a lot of debate on the contents of the show. Other participants present in the house also had problems. So, this time makers are already beware.

#This time some changes have been made in the Big Boss. The theme of the season has been the neighbor. Two or two houses have been built in view of this. There is a plan to divide the contests into two separate houses.

#Like the previous seasons, this time too will be the best and challenging tasks for the participants. It is said that this time it has been made more fun. 

#This time, the show's hotness is expected to be raised as Female contests in the house will be seen in Bikini Avatar. Entertainment is the first priority of the show. So, few participants are in the house for Entertainment dose.

#It is being said that Salman is charging 11 crores of every episode to host the show this time.  Excited already!


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