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“Bindi” isn't Just a Fashion Statement Anymore It is a Life Saving Dot As Well!

“Bindi” isn't Just a Fashion Statement Anymore It is a Life Saving Dot As Well!

In India, most of the women wear “Bindi” as it is a tradition as well as a fashion statement which has been here since years! Well that's something you already know, however, what you don't know is that this Bindi isn't any more a symbol of marriage however now it saves lives as well! Yes, Bindi holds a real big concept of saving one’s life, it might sound shocking but this is the reality and you gotta real it on to know what do we exactly mean...

Body chakra

Body chakra

It’s true! An NGO, Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center, teamed up with ad agency Grey Group Singapore to create ‘JeevanBindi’ or ‘Life Saving Dot’ So how does this life saving dots work?

Bindi with iodine

Bindi converted to life saving dot

The team has impregnated bindis with an iodine solution.The treated bindis act as trans-dermal patches, providing women with the 150 to 220 micro-grams of iodine they require daily. And the most beautiful part of the initiative is that it fits into an established cultural tradition.

Lady with bindi on fore head

Ali Shabaz, chief creative officer of Grey Group Singapore, said:

 “It’s hard to get [rural women] to make massive behavioral changes. But here, all they have to do is wear the same bindi that they wear every day. This program can easily be extended to reach a larger population of women in India who need this vital mineral for a healthier life.”


Decreases the problem of iodine deficiency

Iodine deficiency among rural women is an acute problem in India. Due to low levels of iodine in the body, many women in rural India are at risk of brain damage, fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, and complications at birth. TalwarBindi, one of India’s largest bindi producers, will distribute the product for free in a small number of pilot areas. The campaign also aims to build a stronger nation.