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Cat Crosses The Path Is Inauspicious

Cat Crosses The Path Is Inauspicious

People around the world believe in a variety of things. Some things are fact while some things are only superstition. One such superstition is, when the cat crosses your way, it is considered inauspicious, also the cat's cry is inauspicious, it is considered inauspicious to sneeze while traveling.

There are many such things that we consider inauspicious. But what happens after this, is known by very few people. Today, we are going to tell you why it is inauspicious to move after cat crosses your way!

It is actually said that the cat has the power to predict the future and that gives us information of something bad. Therefore, cat starts crying to warn us or cuts our path. It is absolutely true that whenever a cat crosses the road, it indicates something bad. It is also said that Rahu's ride is a cat. And in whose horoscope Rahu's condition is not right and if the cat crosses the path of that person then it will going to harm him.