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Explore Some Breathtaking Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Explore Some Breathtaking Beaches in Andhra Pradesh

Nested in the south-eastern coast of the country Andhra Pradesh is the eighth-largest state in India. Andhra Pradesh is blessed with many striking beaches. Some of the beaches are rich in culture, history, water sports, exotic food and the works to keep you busy, that you’ll end up soaking plenty of Vitamin D without realizing how the hours passed so effortlessly. Whatever be your agenda to visit a beach, these shores are good for the quiet-types and groups alike. All year round, the beaches in Andhra Pradesh stay blessed with lovely blue skies and sunshine. Let’s find out some most beautiful and Breathtaking beaches in Andhra Pradesh.

Manginapudi Beach

Manginapudi Beach, the treasure trove of natural beauty, is located 10 kilometres from the town of Machilipatnam. Ideal for a long weekend break, this beach is liked for its sea food and lovely weather. Being a beach near Hyderabad (348 kilometres), Manginapudi Beach also sees a good footfall from the state metropolis on weekends and special days.

Ramakrishna Beach

Ramakrishna Beach is not famous for nothing: the ancient cave paintings and a medieval temple are located here, making this beach in Visakhapatnam town a getaway for a happy time. There are idyllic beaches to tan in, fresh coconut water to consume, and congenial waters to surf in. After spending hours relaxing by the ocean, have an adventure exploring the naturally formed caves, the Dutch cemeteries and the 11th century temple of Lord Narsimhan, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The beach becomes livelier at the time of Vishakha Utsav and Rishikonda Beach Festival held every year.

Rushikonda Beach

One of the most popular beaches on the east coast, Rushikonda Beach sits 8 kilometres from the city of Visakhapatnam. There's a lot to do here. It is the perfect place for walking, biking, windsurfing and jet skiing. Oh, and did we mention Holi celebrations on Rushikonda Beach are the best attractions of this place?

Uppada Beach

There are a few more secluded and unspoiled beaches in Andhra Pradesh worth checking out, and Uppada Beach is one of them. Located about 5 kilmetres from Kakinada, Uppada Beach of sun-kissed shores and attractive waters is a sensational experience for picnicking or taking a short break from the demands of a typical city life. Because this beach offers insane panoramic views, carry your camera along to capture the vistas.