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Explore the History of China: Nanjing

Explore the History of China: Nanjing

Everyone interest vary from each other. We all love to travel with our personal interest. I love to travel those places which have some historical aspect .Many of us want to travel for fun, adventure or some shopaholics wants to travel places which are famous for shopping. 

In this article we are going to explore lesser known place- Nanjing. Let me tell you that Shanghai, Beijing and even Macau! China, as vast the country is, has a treasure trough to offer to travellers.  But Nanjing has some important landmarks from the history of China within its grounds. Though there is a lot to see and experience, our collaborators stuck to six. Yes! These are their best picks....from the most complex architectural castle to a unique book store. It is all here!

About Nanjing

Nanjing, also called Nanking by the older generation of the region, is the capital of Jiangsu Province, China. This beautiful place is marked by various historical edifices that are like lessons in history for people who visit here. There are many palaces and museums to visit in Nanjing, and the shopping experience is something no visitor should miss! Talking of revisiting history, if you speak to the older folks, they bear the sad memories of the Japanese invasion during World

Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum

You have missed Nanjing if you have not been to this place? This is a memorial museum to remember the 300,000 Chinese who died during the Japanese invasion. Inside the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum, you can see two partially excavated burial sites, along with many exhibits and information board. You will be greeted by beautiful gardens with sculptures and artworks, with serenity that automatically blankets this place. Spending a few hours at the museum is highly recommended.

Confucius Temple and Shopping around the Temple

The Confucius temple is known as Fuzimiao amongst the locals and is dedicated to the world famous philosopher and traveller from ancient times- Confucius. It was built by Song dynasty but repeated construction and renovations have changed the old structure to include more complexes. In historical times, this place used to be an imperial examination testing facility for Jiangsu region. Today the complex has a museum and attractions like biggest statue of Confucius in all of China and thirty eight panels made of bronze, jade, gold and silver depicting Confucius’ life.

Purple Mountain

The beautiful Purple Mountain, one of the famous mountains in South China, houses the ancient Ming Tombs and the San Yat-sen mausoleum. Yes, the father of modern China was laid to rest in this marvelous region. The mountain is huge with many scenic spots and one day may not be enough for you. If adventure is your thing, take a dip at the Purple Glow Lake to cool off the summer heat.