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First Lady Of US Is Known For Her Outstanding Style

First Lady Of US Is Known For Her Outstanding Style

Whereas American President Donald Trump is in the discussion due to his impetuous and strict nature, his wife often remains in the discussion, but the reason is quite different. Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump was a model, now has been away from modeling, but her style still makes people crazy.

Donald Trump's daughter Evaka and Biwi Melaniya Trump often persist in the discussion for their stereo and stunning style senses. Recently, when PM Modi met Donald Trump, he had his beautiful wife Melania with him and all the limelight had been focused on Melania instead of Donald and Modi. Everyone was going crazy about the Style of First Lady. Well, let's tell you that Melania used to be a fashion model before marrying Donald Trump and still there are lots of hot photos of her on the internet.

During the meeting of Modi and Trump, Melania Trump wore yellow colorful crepe gown with a very beautiful floral print. The melania trump in this dress seemed so beautiful that her photographs became viral on social media. Surely, looking at their dress, every girl would like to keep it in their wardrobes.

You will be surprised to know that the price of Melania's Floral Crepe Gown is worth $ 160,000, or about 13 lakh rupees. So if you are thinking of buying such gown, then your thinking might not be able to change in reality.

On the occasion of dinner with Australian PM in May 2017 before meeting PM Modi, she wore a one-shoulder silk crepe gown, in which she looked very beautiful.

Wherever the First Lady Melania Trump of America goes, people go crazy for her.