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Myths And Truths About Smoking

Myths And Truths About Smoking

There are many people around the world who smoke and they like smoking. From this point of view, all of you are aware that once a smoking addiction is concerned, it is difficult to get rid of it. Let us tell you that WHO believes due to smoking, 64 lakh people dies worldwide every year.

Also there are many types of lies that we are going to tell you today about Smoking on which people believe.

1. Lies - If you take a healthy diet while having a cigarette, it will not be harmed.

Truth - it is harmful even if you take a healthy diet.

2. Lies - Light or mild cigarettes are not damaged.

Truth - these cigarettes are considered dangerous just like regular cigarettes.

3. Lies - E-cigarette is not harmful for health.

Truth - E-cigarettes are equally harmful as the natural cigarettes.

4. Lies - There is no harm from drinking less cigarettes.

Truth - it is not true. If you take a cigarette in a day then it is equally harmful for you.