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The Temple Of Chamba Where People Are Afraid To Enter

The Temple Of Chamba Where People Are Afraid To Enter

India is the only country where there is a confluence of religion and spirituality. There are innumerable ancient temples of Hindu gods and goddesses here and there are many historical beliefs associated with these temples.

Devotees come here not only from the country but also from abroad just to get the Darshan of gods and goddesses in these temples of India and find their kind of desire by putting their presence in God's court. But there is a temple in these ancient and historical temples of the country, where the devotees are afraid to enter.

This temple is dedicated to Yamraj, God of death and popularly known as Dharmaraj:

In fact, this temple situated in Bharmmore near Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, is dedicated to the god Yamraj of death. This temple looks like a home of Dharmaraj. People come here but don't enter the temple. This particular temple is associated with Dharmaraj.

According to beliefs it is said that there is a room inside this temple which is dedicated to Chitragupta. With the help of Yamraj, Chitragupta keeps the whole account of good and bad deeds of the people. It is believed that whenever a person dies, the messengers of Yamraj first present the soul of that person in front of Chitragupta in this temple. Chitragupta gives the full details of their deeds to the souls coming here, after which the souls are taken in the front chamber of Chitragupta, which is called the Kachhar of Yamraj.