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Planning For Camping? Find Out some Essential Equipment!!!

Planning For Camping?  Find Out some Essential Equipment!!!

If you have a true spirit of a traveling then you must experience camping. I think this is the best you can connect with nature. In luxurious hotels and resorts, you never feel this experience. Before you plan for a camping trip you need to know many things and a lot of preparation. In this article, I am going to tell you some great camping tips for all you camping lovers out there and now we are back with an awesome list of essential camping equipment. 

Before we start, our first advice to all backpackers, hikers, and outdoors is to invest in very high-quality camping equipment. You can go cheap and all tight-budget while doing the deed but your foundation must be solid in form of the equipment you are carrying.



Back Pack

A good backpack is very basic and important thing. On a more serious note, they are the protection for your gear, essentials and luggage. This is why it is really important that your backpack is strong, sturdy, made of high quality fabric and is comfortable for you to carry around. Significant features to look while buying a backpack are: Go for a light backpack with sturdy fabric (combination of Nylon and polyester sits best), Insist on waterproof ones, Comfort shoulder straps are a must otherwise it is not a backpack! Also look for a decent shoulder drop according to your height. Shoulder drop should allow leverage until your mid back.


Tent is again the very important thing. Keep the following points in mind when you are going for tent shopping, and you should be fine Pull your tent at the seams and if you can see stitches clearly then it means inferior stitching. For the tent size, follow two-men extra rule. So if you need to home two people, then buy a four men tent .Go for an all-weather tent unless you are sure of the places and seasons you are going to camp in. Insist on a tent with rainfly.

Sleeping Bag

In this section we will discuss various features to look for while buying a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags come according to their suitability to temperature called temperature rating. These ratings clearly define the range of temperature in which the “bag-dweller” would be comfortable sleeping in it. There is also an option of buying a single or double sleeper for you. According to your camping season, you can take your pick of summer, winter or three-season sleeping bags.

Utensils and Cookware

Really I love cooking in the lap of nature. I think this is something absolutely wonderful, romantic and rustic about cooking while camping. But to enjoy the experience of cooking outdoors it is important that your cooking equipment, stoves, grills and other utensils are apt, ideal and convenient. Some of the most important points you should keep in your mind before buying utensils for camping cooking .First of all safety comes first so check the handles and stability of the equipment. Secondly Lightweight and compactness should be amongst the first things to consider if you are more of a backpacking person who is okay eating dehydrated meals. Most important cookware should be easy to clean after you have had a king size meal in it.