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Now You can Surprise your Dear one's with Messages Written Over Potatoes!

Now You can Surprise your Dear one's with Messages Written Over Potatoes!

Piyush Goyal, an entrepreneur from Delhi has come up with such an out of the box and wacky idea of sending messages to your loved ones that you would be taken aback with amazement! A potato Messenger!

Well, till date potatoes were loved by almost all of us for making tasty dishes but from now you would forget potatoes for only being served on your plate! Finally, we have more new uses of Potato (LOL)! Ever though it could even be used to send a personal message  to your loved ones? We are sure the answer is No, But yes, now is the time when you would hear such crazy thing for the very first time...

Piyush Goyal, this Delhi guy is running a website named Surprise Potatoes, which lets you send messages written over a potato all over in India!

Piyush Goyal, an entrepreneur

This impressive idea came in his mind when one day he was talking to someone over the phone while working in the kitchen and wanted to note down a number, he saw a potato on the shelf and there was a marker in his pocket, he wrote the number on potato. And when he required to hand over the number to someone then he just threw it over to the next room! That was handy, isn't it? So that's where when he thought of making a business out of it! Now he has a website- that will make you sent potato messages

Messege on potato

There are even some specifications that the person sending message has to keep in mind such as: the size of the potato needs to be bigger enough to write the content. You could send them a personalized message of not more than 130 characters. You can even give your photo, in case you wanna add your face or other person's face.

potato messages

When he was asked, why Potatoes are a better way to pass the messages?
He answered- There’s something awkwardly hysterical about a potato that you just can’t explain. It’s so random and abrupt in its shape that the internet loves it, and so do we.”

Delivery of potato with message

Its quite a funny, strange, new but at the same time an innovative idea brought in the market by an upcoming entrepreneur! Let's see how much magic it spreads in the upcoming time?? (I mean anything can go viral in today's world, you never know!)