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The Khaki Uniform Of Policemen Is Going To Be Changed

The Khaki Uniform Of Policemen Is Going To Be Changed

The soldiers who protect the lives of ordinary citizens are often seen in khaki uniforms. This dress code of police officers has been wearing by police officials since the British era.

Now news is that khaki uniforms of Police men all over the country are going to change and they will be provided a comfortable and trendy uniform.

Designers took 5 years in designing new uniform:

It took 5 years to give a new look to the policemen who wear khaki uniforms and to design the new uniform. This new uniform has been designed by Ahmedabad-based National Institute of Design (NID) after five years of research. NID has designed this new uniform in conjunction with the Association of Bureau of Police Research and Development. Both of these organizations have come up with nine prototypes of this new uniform which includes shirts, trousers, belts, shoes, jackets, rainwear and headgear, caps.

The special thing of this new uniform is that it has been designed keeping in mind all the states, union territories and the Central Paramilitary Force.

Existing Khaki uniforms have many problems:

It is being told that before designing this uniform, police officers and people of many states were taken into consideration. In which it has been found that there are many problems in their current khaki uniform.

There were complaints about the clothes of the Khaki uniform. Along with this there is a shortage of pockets to keep mobile phones, keys or other essential items in the current uniform. It is being told that the caps used for the police are not suitable. With khaki uniforms, the policemen who wear caps are made with wool, so that many soldiers have to deal with the problem of headache and hair fall. Apart from this, the metal belt is quite wide, due to which there is a lot of trouble while sitting or getting up. Due to being on duty for hours, leather shoes creates a lot of trouble. So, this change will surely work in favour of our protectors.