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Visit Kolkata Market Even If you are Not Shopaholic

Visit Kolkata Market Even If you are Not Shopaholic

Kolkata has always been a magnificent destination for shoppers thanks to the "nothing is enough" attitude of Kolkatians. This amazing city has more to offer!  In this article we will explore the famous markets to shop in Kolkata. Even if you are not the shopping-type, the markets in this part of the world are a great way to observe local culture and experience the heartbeat of the city. 

Mallick Ghat Flower Market

Mallick ghat is located just below the Rabindra setu (Howrah bridge), built by Ram Mohon Mallick in the year 1855. Mallick ghat is the home to the largest wholesale flower market of Eastern India. Flower sellers from all over the city come here to sell different kinds of flowers like Marigold, Roses, Hibiscus, Jasmine etc. Many local flower sellers buys flowers from this place at wholesale rate to sell them in local markets in various localities.

Manicktala Bazaar

I would like to add : There is a saying in Bengal, "mache bhate bangali" which figuratively means, "Bengalis are nothing without fish and rice". Well honestly it is indeed true and Manicktala bazar is the oldest and largest fish market of Kolkata. It has served for many years both for the producers and consumers that it is not a regular fish market any more. It is a melting pot of Bengali values and customs of regular lifestyle. Try to visit this place during monsoon season as you will be overwhelmed to see so many different kinds of fishes like Hilsa , Prawns , Katla , Koi , Morola , Sor puti , etc.

New Market

This very market has a short history attached to it. In 19th century, with growing European population there was an increasing demand of a shopping area with European specific goods. Apparently in 1873, New market was built in Victorian gothic style to fulfill the needs of the people. Some early shops of New market were Ranken and co (dress maker) , Cuthbersten and harper (shoe-merchant) , R.W. Newman (stationer and book dealor) and Nahoums confectionary (cakes and chocolate shop).

College Street

It was so named because of the presence of some oldest colleges of Kolkata and several publication houses. There is hardly any academic book that you will not get here- science, commerce, arts, law, medical, engineering, economics, philosophy and what not! During week days you will find how busy a street this is because of student ‘invasion’ from all over the state. If you want to shop for books but without burning a hole in your pocket then College street in Kolkata is the address you should head to.

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