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6 Points That Make British Slavery Good For India

6 Points That Make British Slavery Good For India

The British enslaved India for many years and oppressed them, but due to this slavery, India has many advantages. During the period of slavery, the British did many such things which take too many years to complete if India does.

Today, we tell you about development works during the slavery of the British in India.

1 - English language dissemination

English is such a language which is understood and spoken throughout the world. If you go to another country or people from other countries come to India, then only English language can be used to understand their point of view and convey their message.

2 - Indian Railway

Rail lines were laid in India only during the British rule. It is because of them that India has been able to get rail travel, or else it would take years for India to lay railway lines after Independence.

3 - Indian Army

Indian army was formed only during the British rule. There are still many rules in the Indian Army that were made by the British.

4 - Vaccination

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the British provided their vaccines and passed the Indian Vaccination Act to protect India from the disease of Smallpox. In 1892, it was distributed among the Indians.

5 - Census

To find out the number of people educated in India, the British started the census. The first census was made in 1871.