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BIGG BOSS 10 |VIDEO|: Swami Om Claim That He Slapped Salman Khan In Bigg Boss House

BIGG BOSS 10 |VIDEO|: Swami Om Claim That He Slapped Salman Khan In Bigg Boss House

No wonder if tomorrow Swami Om says he was the first one who stepped on the moon, as this so-called Swami never leaves a single chance to bag publicity!

Swami Om did all the unfortunate things which made him popular in Bigg Boss season 10. Moreover, he crossed all limits several times not only as a saint but also as a human being. From peeing in the kitchen in front of all Bigg Boss contestants to throwing his urine over the housemates he did everything which no one ever imagined! As a result, he even got kicked out by Bigg boss on January 5, 2017!  (Ah! what a relief it was!) 

But just when we though then it's the end of this shit*y chapter, we realized that he is still not going to stop any sooner! This time the 59-year-old has made a shocking claim,  up with the Sultan of Bollywood himself, during a live Hindi news channel.

The self-proclaimed godman has reportedly claimed that he slapped Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on the show. he said Salman is a chain smoker so he did not resist and started smoking in the big boss house when he was come to celebrate the new year with the housemates.
And of course as a saint, Swami Om opposed Salman's action of smoking in house openly but the reaction of Salman is not tolerated by swami and that is why Swami Om slapped Salman He said.
He also added, "Salman ne mujhe bola mai thhapad marunga, Dawood aur Hafiz mere dost hain toh maine Salman ko thappad maara. TV me ye sab nahi dikhaya jata kyuki smoking room me camera nahi hota. Maine Salman ko zor se thappad maara,”
Now guess who will save Swami Om from Salman Khan for his blunder? 
Check out the video below itself and tell us about what do you feel in the comment section...


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