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Still, Scientists Are Failed To Solve These Mysteries

Still, Scientists Are Failed To Solve These Mysteries

There are many mysteries on earth that scientists have not been able to solve till date. Scientists are still researching about the existence of some things, but for years they have not been successful in this.

Today we tell you that for many years the scientists are unable to find out the hidden truth behind the mysterious things. Scientists are still doing research:

# Scientists have not yet come to know that in addition to Earth, where else is life possible?

# Whatever happens in our brain, is the result of brain processes. Scientists are not unanimous on this matter too.

# Scientists have not been able to know when and by whom the famous monument of England named Stonehenge was built?

# Scientists are still searching for the element from which the universe has been created.

# Besides this, the researchers are also trying to figure out who the black holes are made of. Which element is used in the creation of black hole?

# Scientists are currently researching that who made the statue of a human figure on Easter Iceland. Their height is 8 to 30 feet.


# The place between Puerto Rico and Bermuda is called Bermuda Triangle. It is said that none of the things get return back from Bermuda Triangle. Scientists have not been able to detect the hidden reason behind this. # In France in 1679, a young man was wearing an iron mask and locked in jail. To date, it is not known who was behind the mask. # In 1820, Thomas Jefferson Belle was looking for some codes in Colorado. Scientists still could not understand the hidden secret behind these codes. Research on these above mentioned things are still on.