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Engineers Have Given A New Place To The 2000 Tons Of Monastery

Engineers Have Given A New Place To The 2000 Tons Of Monastery

Temple, the place which is used for the worship of God. It is a building which is practiced for a religious purpose. In India, there are so many temples, so as in the world.

We all are aware of many temples all over the world, today we are talking about a temple whose workers have done something that everyone is surprised to know about that. It's a Shanghai situated temple. Yes, in fact, the 999-year-old monastery who had made with 2000 tons of weight was removed from its workplace by the workers. Actually, the name of this monastery is The Grand Hall, which has been replaced by Jade Buddha Temple, its original place.

The reason for the removal of this monastery from its original place is the problem of Over-Crowding. Yes, there is a problem of Over-Crowding by the pilgrims coming here. Thousands of pilgrims come to this temple every day which causes overcrowding and it leads to the removal of this monastery. 

This work has been done under the restoration project started in 2014.

You know that many big sculptures were kept in this hall and it was removed with the help of 40 Hydraulic Jacks and 10 Tracks.

The statues of this temple were built in Burma in 1882 and were brought in Shanghai from Burma. This unique step has been taken to reduce the crowding problem of this temple.


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