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Know About The Village Of Millionaires

Know About The Village Of Millionaires

"Village Of Millionaire"

Today we are going to tell you about a village where every person is a millionaire. Every person living in this village has their own dungeons and bungalows. This village is no less than any major metropolitan city in any case.

The most remarkable thing in this village is that there are only 2,000 residents here but still there is a lot of luxury malls and hotels. There are 20,344 migrant workers in this village and the surrounding village population is close to 28,000. The roads here are shining like glass and it is very common to see a helicopter in the sky. This modern village is located in China.

This modern village named Huaxi Village which is located on the eastern coast of Jinyangsu province of China. Everybody in Huaxi village is so excited that everyone has a deposit of Rs 85 lakh in their bank account. Every inhabitant here is the owner of crores of property and the salary of these people is in lakhs. Huaxi village also defeats the world's largest modern cities.


But everybody in Huaxi village is only rich till they live in this village. Any time a person here leaves this village and goes to live or settled somewhere else, then they become poor.

This is because the administration here has put a lot of money on people to maintain the reputation of the village. As soon as a person becomes a resident of Huaxi Village, the administration gives him a car and a bungalow. Whoever wants to be a resident of this village gets a job in a company here and once the job is done, the person starts to live a life of millions of rupees.

Every person's salary is more than 10 lakhs. Huaxi village is considered as the richest village in the world.


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