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Say Hello or Goodbye... To Protein Bars

Say Hello or Goodbye... To Protein Bars

Things which we use in our daily life to make our life more easy and convenient are always useful. This saying goes same with protein bars too. Protein bars are the perfect example balancing your healthy diet and at the same time it saves a lot of time and energy. People who loves to be fit prefers to have protein bar as snacks. It gives you a lot of energy which you require for the whole day. It has high vitamins and minerals for your body.  

But everything what glitters is not gold. We cannot only consider the benefits of protein bar. But, on the darker side, they have added sugar and artificial sweeteners that make them expensive and unhealthy too. Avoiding regular meals over protein bars is never a good option. Having protein bars is ok but not as a regular meal option. In this article you can see the pros and cons of protein bar so better to have a look at these major perspectives that might make it easy for you to either say hello or goodbye to them.

Comfort Perspective

The health experts consider protein bar as a ‘balanced meal’ as they are high in protein and are considered good after an intense weight training workout. Also, one can eat them easily, while driving or working that will further save time.

Nutritional Perspective

Nutritional Perspective

Artificial Elements Perspective

Though protein bars have balanced macronutrients, they also have artificial sweeteners to reduce the calorie content that might sound good to you but are bad in the long run. In addition, they also contain palm kernel oil that is high in saturated fats.

Cost Perspective

At times, certain food habits become a part of life not because of the need, but also because of the social status. The protein bar is among those. They are often more expensive than a carefully balanced breakfast plate or snack. In place of spending so much on a bar, you can easily replace it with a boiled egg or a bowl of oats.

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