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Shocking! An Eight Year Old Girl Inserts Finger In The Seven Year Old Girl's Vagina

Shocking! An Eight Year Old Girl Inserts Finger In The Seven Year Old Girl's Vagina

Katni, a district in Madhya Pradesh which is famous for marble from which the famous Taj Mahal has been built is in news for a shocking incident. The incident which questions the whole humanity.

The incident came in light when the police of Katni went to visit a government orphanage where the condition of an 8-year-old girl startled them. The girl had wounds on her private parts.

When the police asked the child, she said: 'Brother said it is good for health.'

The police immediately understood that the girl was raped. The girl's story shook them. For the last two months, a person sexually exploited that girl whom she called 'brother(bhaiya)'. The child was earlier in the orphanage of children under the age of six years and the peon had raped her there. The accused is a 30-year-old man and is now arrested on the basis of the girl's allegation. The girl who was raped had injured an another girl of a 7 year old by putting fingers into her Vagina. The girl was immediately rushed to the hospital.

When the police asked the reason for doing such thing, she replied innocently, 'Brother sleeping with me everyday. Whenever I say that I feel pain, he says that he is good for my health.' Children are the most vulnerable part of our society, they do not know what is happening with them is wrong. Many children believes that sexual abuse is a part of everyone's life. At the same time, they fear that if somebody comes to know then they will be scolded. It is clear from the incident that the 8-year-old child had started taking sexual abuse to normal and therefore did the same with the younger age girl.