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Lost City Of Alexander Has Been Recovered

Lost City Of Alexander Has Been Recovered

The monuments, cultures, old cities have always been the topic of curiosity among the people. The people who are fond of history love to know more and more about history. In this series, today we are going to show you about a recent discovery.

Researchers from the British Museum have discovered the remains of Qalatga Darband city with the help of drones. The city was in northern Iraq and liquor was traded here. This is a leading research. Even before that many lost cities have been discovered. This city was lost 2,000 years ago. It is said that it was founded by Alexander himself.

According to archaeologist John McGinnis of the Iraq Emergency Heritage Management Training Program, it has been proved for the first time that there was such a city in the first and second century BC. It must have been a bustling city at that time, traders used to sell alcohol to the soldiers passing through here.

Scientists have been able to find this city through the intelligence pictures taken by the US government in the 1960s. Statues of Greek-Roman Goddesses and terracotta tiles have been found from this city, which shows strong Greek influence. It is known that the people living here were subject to Alexander and his descendants.

Photographs taken from the drone are being speculated that there will also be wheat and barley fields. Archaeologists are succeeding in finding many ancient artifacts.


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