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This Valentines Day, We Wish That Old Fashioned Love Still Existed!

This Valentines Day, We Wish That Old Fashioned Love Still Existed!

A small boy comes running towards a girl  (wearing a salwar suit)  and hands over a folded piece of paper, he hides behind the tree nervously, while watching her unfold the paper. Girl reads the letter and gives a sugary smile and a sense of relief runs over his face! Ah! What good old days those were!
Wondering from which movie we picked this scene from? Well, do we even need to? I mean this cue sugar coated love scene were the heart and soul of almost every good old love story! But how often we get to witness this kind of stories nowadays? Almost never or very very rarely!
Call me old fashioned, but I always thought there is a charm of professing love in a retro way. In the time (almost a decade or two ago) when the world was devoid of luxuries and when the boundaries between two people weren't as confined as today (given the technology we have today which lets us do things as- texts, call video chats), patience and eagerness were all that one was left with, in the old school day love!

Sharukh khan devdas

The Beauty of Patience!

Lovers had to wait for a long period of time to even hear each other's voice. It may sound weird to our generation now, but think, you weren't in each other's face every now and then, so when you meet, all you had was excitement! 

You actually were interested in hearing everything they had to say and the conversations were much more than just 'k' or 'hmm'.

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When Less was More!

The idea of not meeting for days had its own charm! You didn't go on date every other day and that's why every date was so special. A small period of time spent during that date was way better than any long expedition!

Earlier the memories were in hearts unlike these days where everyone is so obsessed with the social media that every moment of our love has to be on public record.

Today, everything is like a trophy to be flaunted, even love life. But back then, love was a personal affair, only for two to be shared. It didn't involved typing and sending hearts, kisses, and emoticons only, but there were actual efforts involved.

Hiding their love from the world behind a tree

When Making Sex wasn't Only Being Physical!

And sex wasn't just being physical, it was sacred and special with one awaited person!

Love in good old days was pure and small misunderstandings were never the reason to walk out of a relation.

We may have became independent, bold and fearless these days, but we have forgotten how to love! And that's what makes me wish that the times rolls back to the good old days when real romance did existed!

The couple is involved in their own

Old School Love is What you Need this Valentine!

Well, today marks the most love-filled day of the years, thus, we know you must be excited to have the best one. All the luck to you for that! And if you are planning to ask someone out today then, buck up and try your luck. To all the singles out there 'Cheer up' it's not the end!

Our Tip- Don't forget to add a essence of old-fashioned love to your life, it will definitely do wonders!