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What Country Thinks On Brawl Of Kangana-Hrithik

What Country Thinks On Brawl Of Kangana-Hrithik

The brawl between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has been increasing since it came in light. For the past few days, it seems that the issue had been resolved but Kangana has once again reprimanded Hrithik and this controversy got fuel on the show 'Aap ka Adalat' by the journalist Rajat Sharma.

After this interview from Kangana, discussion about Hrithik and Kangana has once again started every side in Bollywood. Some people are calling Kangana brave. So some people are only giving her the title of the Controversy Queen. In this connection, we have brought a special video for you which is designed by YouTube channel Jeheranium Music. The host of this video is asking the people of the country about their views on the controversy over Hrithik and Kangana.

So see this special video.