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Why Do We Leave The Room When Suddenly A Hot Scenes Comes?

Why Do We Leave The Room When Suddenly A Hot Scenes Comes?

In this busy life, each member of the family is involved in their respective works. Head of the family is busy in his office work, the mother is busy with her household work and kids are busy in their studies. So, the only time they sit together is when they watch Television.

While watching TV, sometimes we face such situations when we have to leave the room due to some intimate scenes showing in the film. Every child from every family have to understand the situation and without saying anything they have to leave the room quickly. Not merely due to the intimate scenes but also due to some advertisements, children have to leave the room. As soon as, the advertisement ends or the scene of the movie ends, they again join their parents and resume enjoying tv.

But have you ever thought why we have to do this? The answer is shown in this video. The same is the question is being asked too many people and their answer to this interesting question will give you lol. If you don't believe us, watch this video which is shared by YouTube channel Sbrothers Network and this video has received 6,307 views so far and the count is on. This YouTube channel Sbrothers Network has 195,096 subscribers. 

Watch the video here:


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