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5 Amusing Facts About China

5 Amusing Facts About China

China itself is considered to be a very different city in terms of customs, there is a lot that happens very different and it will shock you also. And today we are going to talk to you about them. Yes, today we are going to tell you some things that you have not been aware of China.

1. There is a ghost city in China where no one lives. The real name of this city is 'Lancho' but because no one is here it is called ghost city.

2. China's traffic is very bad. If someone is trapped in the traffic, then understand that he may have to spend long time there. In such a situation, two people are arranged there, who takes care of the vehicle in traffic and the other leaves them home on the bike.

3. There is a forest in China where only stones can be seen and it is called stones forest and it is in the Greek province of China.

4. In every office, it is must to fix a grill outside every window so that people can not commit suicide.

5. There can often be seen a swan army on the road, which is given separately way and it is considered as the most sensible animal.