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A Singapore Based Restaurant Served A Drink With Tag 'MAD*****'

A Singapore Based Restaurant Served A Drink With Tag 'MAD*****'

In every country there is a unique taste of food. In India too many dishes are served, which are also preferred in foreign countries. As the dish of India serves in foreign country with the same name, similarly foreign dish serves in India with the same name as it serves in their native country.

But some of the Indian dishes have also been named according to the taste of foreigner. The same is being seen in a Singapore restaurant. A dish here is being served by a strange name. This restaurant to attract the guest has named a drink weirdly. 

This Singapore based Italian restaurant is made with Indian theme. They are also serving drinks with Indian tags.

Drinks are named Indians but they are a bit weird because these names are not kept in India as a dish.

But at the time of making the Indian theme, they have made a big mistake and they served a drink named MAD **** in their​ menu. Yes, it is strange but cent percent true.