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Artist Creates Simple But Unique Tattoo Designs That One Can Pick Up To Get Inked

Artist Creates Simple But Unique Tattoo Designs That One Can Pick Up To Get Inked

People’s reasoning for getting tattoos often changes over time. Initially, most individuals usually get tattoos that have so much meaning behind them. It is not unusual to feel and think that the more ink you get, the less monumental every session is. For some people, getting ink becomes their second nature. Most of the time, people get tattooed to honor something or someone. And it is extremely true when they say that people often grow addicted to the pain. Collectors of tattoos get inked simply because there’s a tattoo artist they feel committed to getting work from. At times, you and your best friend are just bored and ended up in the nearest tattoo shop. Whatever the real reason behind your ink, you got the tattoo and we hope that you are proud of it.

I agree that Tattoos have the influence of telling entire stories in themselves. Your skin is a canvas and there is just no end to thoughts. Some tattoos are just so well made that you cannot help but keep staring at them. There is always amazing new and more beautiful in the tattoo world. No one can ever have enough tattoo ideas and it's always emotional to stagger upon something designed with so much care and complexity. 

We were looking for tattoos that would leave us awestruck when we happened upon an Instagrammer Ahmet Cambaz who was a cartoonist before he became a tattoo artist and his art is a perfect blend of both his vocations. They are simplistic tattoos but so carefully designed and executed that you will be left dazed!

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