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Are you using the right Loofahs ?

Are you using the right Loofahs?

Loofahs is the favourite bath accessory for many of us, but it is also capable of breeding bacteria. Many of us don't know how to wash the bath accessory or when to discard it. Keeping the loofahs for too long without cleaning can give you skin problems. Here are some points to keep in mind if you use loofah...

Not More Than 8 Weeks

• Whether it is natural loofah or a synthetic one, don't use them for more than eight weeks. Sometimes, synthetic loofahs might still be intact even after two months. But discard it once you have used it for two months.

Wash Everyday

• Ensure you rinse and wash your loofah after every use. Shake out excess water and keep it in a dry place as moist, damp atmosphere is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Disinfect the loofah every week.

• It is important to disinfect the loofah every week. You could either use diluted bleach — soak the loofah for 10 minutes and then rinse it with cold water — or you could also put a few drops of essential oil in warm water to wash your loofah. Doing it once a week will help get rid of bacteria