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Bitter Truth Behind The World Famous Love Story Of Mumtaz Mahal And Shahjahan

Bitter Truth Behind The World Famous Love Story Of Mumtaz Mahal And Shahjahan

The Taj Mahal of Agra is called the symbol of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz's love story. But Shahjahan and Mumtaz's love story have come to an end by the historians. Shah Jahan and Mumtaz had no love story, but the truth of their life was very different from the love story, we have been hearing so far.

Let's know some truth related to Shah Jahan and Mumtaz's love story

  • Mumtaz's real name was Arjumand-Bano-Begum and she was not Shah Jahan's first wife.
  • Apart from Mumtaz, Shah Jahan also had 6 more wives and along with it, there were 8000 concubines in his harem.
  • Mumtaz was the fourth wife of Shah Jahan. Before Mumtaz, Shah Jahan had done three marriages. After marrying Mumtaz, he was married to 3 more girls.
  • Before Mumtaz married to Shahjahan, Mumtaz was the wife of Shahjahan's Subedar Afghan Khan.
  • To marry Mumtaz, Shah Jahan had killed Mumtaz's first husband.
  • Mumtaz also had a son from Afghan Khan.
  • Mumtaz was not the most beautiful among the ladies of Shahjahan. Rather his first wife Ishrat Bano was the most beautiful.
  • Mumtaz died after the birth of her 14th child.
  • Immediately after Mumtaz's death, Shah Jahan married Mumtaz's sister, Farzana.
  • Shahjahan was so lustful that he had made a physical connection with his own daughter, Jahanarah.
  • Jahanarah was Mumtaz and Shahjahan's first daughters.
  • Jahanarah was the lookalike of her mother Mumtaz. That's why Shah Jahan made his own daughter as his mistress. 
  • Shah Jahan had justified this illegitimate relationship by calling a meeting of the Imam and the clerics and got a valid contract for this relationship.
  • In support of this poor act of Shah Jahan, the Imam and clerics said: - "Mali has the right to eat the fruit of the tree planted by it."
  • When Jahanarah fell in love, Shahjahan caught her boyfriend and burnt the boy alive in the oven.