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Clean & Clear Face Is No Longer A Dream For Girls

Clean & Clear Face Is No Longer A Dream For Girls

Clean & Clear skin is the dream of every girl. Some have natural beauty, scar-free face while some not. But due to unhealthy lifestyle and pollution, getting a clear and clean face is quite difficult. Girls spend a lot penny in parlors, they get facial, treatment but nothing so much better for their skin. But, every problem comes with a solution.

There are some special medicines that can change your face, as well as the salicylic acids present in aspirin pills, get rid of acne, while antioxidants in the Vitamin E capsule make your skin clean and tidy, according to Also to avoid side-effects, try to make the face pack with these methods:

#Vitamin E: Vitamin E capsules are made of antioxidants, and the packs made from them settle quickly within the skin. This pack will make your skin soft, and fresh.

Material: 3 Vitamin E capsules, 5 drops of almond oil. 

Method: Break the Vitamin E capsule and remove the gel inside it in a bowl. Now add almond oil to it. 

Massage your skin with this pack before sleeping in the night. Wash your face with cold water in the morning.

#Vitamin C pack: L-ascorbic acid present in vitamin C increases the level of collagen in the skin, making your skin tight. 

Material: 1 capsule or pill of Vitamin C 1 teaspoon rose water 1 teaspoon glycerine 5 drops of everyday oil 

Method: Combine all the ingredients given above to make a coating. Put this coating on the skin before sleeping. This pack made from vitamin C will not only relieve the acne but will also release you from wrinkles. 


Clean & Clear Face Is No Longer A Dream For Girls

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