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Custom Of Live-In-Relationship Can Be Seen In A Tribe Of Rajasthan

Custom Of Live-In-Relationship Can Be Seen In A Tribe Of Rajasthan

India is considered to be a male-dominated country where women are given second place and their opinion does matter to some extent only. But in the state of Rajasthan, there is a village in the city of Udaipur where girls are given higher status than boys.

Not only this, the tradition of live-in is going on in this village for many years, according to which the boy and the girl can live together without marriage and if there is any reason the girl does not like the boy, then she can break the relationship. This unique practice belongs to the village of Garasiya tribe.

Let's know in detail about their live-in concept:

In Garasiya tribe, two days of Dapa practice goes, according to which the young man and the young woman choose their partners themselves. Even the couple themselves decide that when they give their relationship form of marriage and there is no pressure on them.

Garasiya tribe rules:

This practice has only one rule and it is to have a relationship with honesty and loyalty. They have the right to break the relationship and choose another partner.

Wedding expenses:

Like other villages and practices, this practice is inversely reversed. Here the girl's dowry gives dowry to the girl's place and also raises the wedding expenses.

There are many benefits:

- Both have equal rights to choose a partner.
- There is no scope for force in the relationship.
- There is a chance to understand the partner before marriage.
- The girl's family does not have to worry about money.
- Finally, people have the freedom to start a new relationship by ending the relationship on different grounds.


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