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Discover the scary side Of Kolkata

Discover the scary side Of Kolkata

As we all know that city of joy Kolkata is famous for good food, beautiful Ghats, and lively markets.But you will be surprised to know that Kolkata  has a scary side too. A city that was much loved by the Mughals, French, British and Dutch, almost every lane has a tale to tell, some with a twist of horror. If you have some ghost-chasing on your mind, there is the supposed ghost of Warren Hastings who comes riding a horse to Hastings House and the spirit of Lady Metcalfe that you might find sashaying down the corridors of the National Library of India. A more creepy experience, going by the legends, awaits you at Putulbari (the House of Dolls), the South Park Cemetery, Writer's Building and more.

National Library of India

The largest library in India is much more than a haunt for just book lovers. This place is also one of the most horror places in Kolkata. This treasure trove for bibliophiles attracts the lovers of ghost stories in equal numbers. The story of Lady Metcalfe's ghost haunting its corridors has been there for quite some time; a lot of testimonies support the story with people reporting the presence of someone simply watching them.

Putulbari or the House of Dolls

Nobody is allowed to visit the upper floors of the building even during daytime since the place is supposedly haunted by spirits of courtesans, who were abused by wealthy landlords during and before the British rule in India. People confess to hearing both women's wails and hysterical laughter from the upper floor of Putulbari at night

Writer's Building

This old building serves as an office to administrative employees but such is the reputation that no employee stays back after sunset. Some of the rooms in the building are vacant and have not been opened for decades. As per the many stories that make for this place's reputation, these closed rooms are haunted and evenings bring about strange occurrences like high-pitched giggles, screams and whispers. Investigations have revealed no specific reasons for any of these happenings, making the place quite spooky.

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