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Effect Of Rain On Hindu Marriages

Effect Of Rain On Hindu Marriages

Marriage is celebrated in India just like a celebration. In such a situation, marriage is also considered as a holy festival. In many marriages, rain try to interrupt in the function but many people call it auspicious while many considers it inauspicious.

Many people agree that there should be no rain on the wedding day because it will be worse. People are associated with many superstition of rains in marriage. Let's know about them.

1. According to Hindu religion, if there is rains in marriage then relationship gets strengthen and the couple's relationship gets stronger.

2. According to some cultures rain is a happy season and it gives happiness to everyone, so it is auspicious at the time of getting married.

3. At some places, it is considered that the married couple gets the blessing of child very soon if rain comes in their wedding day.

4. Somewhere in the world it is believed that if rain comes on the day of the wedding, it is auspicious for the marriage and bride & groom.