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Get Ready For Goose Bump

Get Ready For Goose Bump

Whenever I think about any train Journey in India vivid picture comes in my mind like too many people, different variety of foods, people speaking different language, families exchanging their food stuff and many more. But do we ever explore the scary and haunted sides of  train journey.

In this article we will tell you some haunted train stations in India are Considering Indian train stations are nearly 200 years old, it'd be odd if there were not a few ghosts hanging out today in the premises. Ahead, we have put together interesting insights about four of the most convincingly haunted railway stations in India from the recorded paranormal encounters of several people.

Begunkodor Train Station, West Bengal

Talk about one of the most haunted railway stations of West Bengal and we will put the name of Begunkodor Train Station West Bengal high up in the list. Begunkodor is a hamlet in Purulia district of West Bengal which came into limelight for its shady railway station. There have been sightings of a woman draped in a white saree walking along the deserted railway tracks

Dombivli Railway Station, Maharashtra

This railway station is another haunted site for the ghost of a woman who is seen to be waiting for her train late in the night. A man travelling around midnight once saw this woman waiting at the platform. When he went up to her to enquire why she is sobbing all alone in the platform, she answered that she wanted to go home but could not do so. The man went on to board his train as he was already late for home. However, the guy was shocked the next day when he saw the same woman there at the same place. When he asked his friend, who was with him, if he could see the woman sitting on the platform, the latter answered in negative!

Barog Station, Shimla

It has been recorded that Colonel Barog, who was a British railway engineer, was the mastermind behind the construction of the namesake tunnel. By a quirk of fate, Barog had to face humiliation before his co-workers due to a misjudgement in his work. He was further penalised by the government by slapping a fine on him. As a result, he became so depressed with the turn of events that he shot himself dead during a walk. His body at that time was buried outside the tunnel, which is still incomplete. Yet, his ghost still haunts that area.

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