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Government Launches A Scheme To Win One Crore

Government Launches A Scheme To Win One Crore

As the Modi government came, a big change was seen in the country.

Modi Ji initiated the ban on the particular form of currency to restrict the corruption and then emphasized on the development of the country from Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. After all, Modi is now preparing to take surveillance on benami property holders. For this purpose, Modi is planning a scheme under which you can get one crore rupees.

According to the news, the person who gives information about the person possessing illegal property will be given a million rupees by the government. Most importantly, information about the person giving information will be kept secret.


The central government is contemplating to announce this plan next month.

The law was enacted in 2016 to seize the property of Anonymous, but despite this, the agencies were not able to reach those who possessed illegal property.

Therefore, now the reward of such people is being considered for the prize. In this case, officers of the Central Board of Direct Taxes say that after receiving secret information, the income tax department will be helped and it will be good for the country.



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