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Have Your Ever Thought, Why The Colour Of Emojis Are Yellow?

Have Your Ever Thought, Why The Colour Of Emojis Are Yellow?

You can also use emoji instead of words to talk about your feeling while chatting on Whatsapp-Facebook etc. But have you ever noticed why smiley and emoji color are always yellow? If not, then start working your brains and think why this is so. If still not understood?So let us tell you about emoji's yellow color in detail.

Nowadays Smiley and Emoji are very popular on social media messaging sites. Firstly Smiley Emoji Colon-; And bracket- (). These are also advanced with time and technology. At present, there are more than 800 emoji on WhatsApp. Whereas Facebook has also maintained its separate range.

Swift Media has done a study on smiley and emoji, which is a mobile engagement platform. Dr. Salihah Afridi, director of the light house Arabia and Clinical Psychologist in Dubai, told that when emotions can not be shown in the face and body, emoji proves to be fast, simple and correct.

There is no definite answer to smiley and emoji being yellow. There are many reasons behind this. Some people had said that the yellow color matches the skin tone, so smiley and emoji are yellow.

While some people believed that it was very simple. Smiling and blossoming faces always look yellow. Not only this, even if there are stickers or balloons, their color is mostly yellow. This color is a symbol of happiness. At the same time, there was an argument that facial details are clearly visible on the yellow background. Things fall on this color. Regardless of the reason for its yellow color, however, it is very dear to have emoji in this color. Isn't it!