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Heaven on Earth: Kashmir is All You Need to Visit This Winters and Here's the Proof...

Heaven on Earth: Kashmir is You Need to Visit This Winters and Here's the Proof...

If a place is christened 'Heaven on Earth' then it's needless to define its beauty! We all know how much beauty the valley of Kashmir boasts as we have heard it many times! Also, there are dreamy and unrealistic pictures that make all of us fascinated who haven't witnessed the beauty in person yet! Kashmir is indeed a place that is on everyone's bucket list, be it a travel enthusiast or not! 

We are in awe with almost everything about Kashmir, however, one thing that we pity about is how human's hatred has turned it into a war zone! The place which should have been the most heavenly, being bestowed with mammoth of beauty is today a place where people could hardly survive. Well, humans could snatch Kashmir's peace for time being, however, one thing which no one can take back is the majestic and breathtaking beauty it has been blessed with!

Here are some of the most celestial pictures representing Kashmir's beauty to the fullest, this will make you wanna see the valley once before you die...

Kashmir Shikara

The Scenic View From Shikara!

Shikara is a wooden boat and other water bodies are found on Dal Lake in Srinagar in Kashmir.

dal lake

The Splendid Dal Lake!

This is what a light and sunny day looks like in Dal Lake.


Tanmarg- A Place Situated Nearly About 34km North Of Srinagar

Tanmarg has the most amount of snow during winters and is definitely the most visited place during the season. It is situated nearly about 34 km north of Srinagar. In the picture, trees have created a shell of icicles.


Sculpture Made By The People Of Gulmarg

This winter, after a long time, the people of Gulmarg experienced snow and made different sculptures with it!