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Most Beautiful Tea Gardens Of The World

Most Beautiful Tea Gardens Of The World

A cup of tea doubles the freshness of the morning and the fun of the evening. Only a cup of tea fills the freshness. But do you know that there are many tea plantations that are famous all over the world for their beauty? Let's know about 10 such a lovely tea gardens of the world.

1. After heavy rains in Cameron, it was a dream to see the Highlands of Pahang State of Malaysia, there was a sight to see Boh Tea plantation. The plantation started in 1929 and is the largest tea producer in Malaysia.

2. There are millions of tourists from all over the world come in the Tea Gardens of Munnar, Kerala every year.

3. Baozung Tea Garden, located about 397 km from South Korea's Seoul is the among the most beautiful Tea Gardens of the world.

4. Greenery extends in the tea plantation of Nalin county of Zhang Hu Village of Taiwan. This village is known for producing tea and coffee at large scale.

5. Employees are collecting tea leaves in plantation field outside of Kericho in Kenya. This is the beautiful tea plantation garden of the world.

6. Women are collecting spring tea leaves from the green tea plantation in Hubei province of China.

7. This picture belongs to the China's Yan Sichuan Plantation, Ethnic Minority are seen collecting tea leaves from the tea garden.

8. Mulundi Tea Estate of Kigali, capital of Rwanda is very beautiful tea garden. The picture shows the process of collecting the leaves from the garden of Tea.

9. The Durgabadi tea plantation of Agartala, capital of Tripura, is also a place worth to watch. The green scenery and the beautiful garden enhance the beauty of this place.

10. Employees in Shuning County of Anhui province of China, collecting the flowers of the bouquet. The flowers of chrysanthemum form the tea and other beverages for domestic and international markets.


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