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Muktagiri Pilgrimage Attracts Tourist With Its Sandalwood And Saffron Rain

Muktagiri Pilgrimage Attracts Tourist With Its Sandalwood And Saffron Rain

There are innumerable religious and tourist sites in India where people from all corners of the country come to enjoy the sightseeing of God's vision. Think of it, if you get to see the God and also the rain of sandalwood in addition to the sights, it will be so much fun! Yes, if you also want to visit such a place where you get to see so many things together, then we tell you about that holy and beautiful pilgrimage.

Muktagiri pilgrimage site: Located on the border of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Muktagiri pilgrimage site is situated in the Malwa region Digamber Jain Munis. It is said that there is a rain of saffron and sandalwood in the Muktagiri pilgrimage site, which is situated between the dense and lush trees that are attracted to the Satpura mountain range.

On this beautiful Muktagiri pilgrimage site, there is rain on the Ashtami and Chaturdashi and it is said that rain of Kesar and sandalwood can be seen here.

It is known as Mendhagiri also:

It is said that when a Muniraj was meditating on the Muktagiri mountain about 1000 years ago, a frog had fallen from the top of the hill, which led to his death.

According to the belief, that Muniraj used to say some such words in the forehead of the frog, due to which the frog got heaven. Due to this same frog, the Muktagiri mountain was also known by the name of Mendhagiri. On this mountain, sandal and saffron rain attracts tourists.

There are many divine temples here:

This place is considered sacred according to historical beliefs. This is the reason why people coming here not only look at its beauty but also see the many divine temples located here. It is said that the vows of people coming in these temples are fulfilled.

Nearly 52 temples situated on Muktagiri mountain, Digambara is propagated by Jain religion. Around 350 steps have to be made to roam in the temples here. It is believed that all the wishes of the are completed by climbing 600 stairs here.