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Page 3 Holiday Destinations!!!

Page 3 Holiday Destinations!!!

The best thing every person wants is to enjoy and re-energize at the same time and it is called vacations. Every person wants to enjoy vacations with family and friends. You plan everything in advance and execute to get the best out of these holidays. Today, we will tell you where our Bollywood celebrities go to enjoy their vacation with family and friends. They try to get some time from their hectic schedule and enjoy their holidays.




Anushka Sharma

Cute Anushka loves holidaying in different places, her most favourite location is the Himalayas. It brings her a different kind of peace and serenity.

Shah Rukh Khan

The King Khan fans probably know that it is a ritual of sorts for King Khan to vacation every summer in London with his family. The actor also owns a place there.

Priyanka Chopra

Hollywood fame priyanka  loves beaches so it’s only natural that she took a liking to Thailand’s beautiful beach islands.

Karan Johar

Not only is New York his favourite vacation spot, the actor also writes most of this scripts here.