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“Jo Shahid Hue Hai Unki Zara Yaad Karo Kurbani”, Not more than two days in a Year! Hard-Hitting But True...

“Jo Shahid Hue Hai Unki Zara Yaad Karo Kurbani”, Not more than two days in a Year! Hard-Hitting But True...

Firstly, wishing everyone on 68th Republic Day of the country! Yes, today is the day when 68 years ago our constitution came into existence, making the country established as a sovereign nation!

Well, you might be indulged in the vibes of patriotism since the morning of today. Thought provoking patriotic songs, flag-waving, and events, everything may have set the mood of the day to be nationalistic, isn't so? Perhaps song lyrics like ‘ Vande Mataram and Jo shahid hue hai’ all of this might have also brought the secretive patriot inside you alive, making you delve upon the sacrifices of our soldier!

To be frank, each of this thing happened to us as well!

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While the wordings of this heart wrenching song choked us, an odious thought just passed into the mind, asking, (Jo shahid hue hai unki zara yaad karo qurani, bas aaj?) Is It The Only Day We Should Be Feeling Patriotic’ or mourning about our worriers’ sacrifices? Why? Why, just two days (15 August, 26 January) make us feel patriotic and a proud citizen of the country? Why, it's still not more than a holiday for most of the people in our country? Why we are still entangled in not-so-good old conservative thoughts?

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Are We Free?

It's hard to accept but equally true that we (at least most of us) still have to understand the meaning of being Free (or Freedom)! Did you ask why? I believe until and unless we get the answer to all the below mentioned questions as Yes till then we could not be considered as a fully Free country…

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Is the Answer to all these Questions Comes as 'Yes'?

Do we actually respect our constitution? Is our country a safe place for women? Do we treat each and every religion equally? Can we accept people with different sexual need as normal (LGBT community), Do we still want a daughter over son? Do we have left considering women inferior to men?

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Start with 'I' for India!

Don't you thing so, we still need to figure out the answers of these questions and turn them to be a Strong ‘Yes we do’! Before we go for ‘we’ try to make it ‘Yes I Do’ this Republic Day and we are sure soon we will attain complete freedom, by getting rid of this narrow mindset! Have a Great Republic Day!