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Sherlyn Chopra Paid Homage To Playboy Magazine's Founder

Sherlyn Chopra Paid Homage To Playboy Magazine's Founder

Sherlyn Chopra is a famous model and actress in Glamour Industry. She remains in the discussion due to controversy more than her work. For the Playboy magazine in 2012, she had marked a big hit with her Nude Photoshoot. After the death of the Founder of Magazine, once again the discussion related to Sherlyn's nude photo shoot has started.

Playboy Magazine's Founder Hugh Hefner died at the age of 91. Sherlyn has paid homage by sharing a picture with him on social media.

Sherlyn was the first model from India, who had shot photo shoot for Playboy Magazine. Photoshoot happened in 2012, but the photos came out in 2014.

Photos were released on Independence Day in 2014. Then she said that I am happy that Playboy has released my photos on Independence Day. There was no better time than that.

Following photoshoot in 2012, Sherlyn shared many photos on Twitter too. There was controversy on those pictures, after which Twitter banned those photos.

There were reports that at that time Sherlyn had done 'One Night Stand' with Hugh to come on the cover of the magazine.

Sherlyn after photoshoot had told that Hugh was a very good person, he is completely opposite.


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